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VITEC is a worldwide leading provider of innovative digital video products that support end-to-end media solutions for all industries that utilize a video workflow. VITEC’s professional-grade video technologies have changed the landscape of how video is processed and delivered around the world and drive many of the major video services in key vertical markets.
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VITEC Commits to Becoming Carbon Neutral by 2021
Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2020
VITEC Commits to Becoming Carbon Neutral by 2021

Comprehensive Plan Builds on Company’s Pledge to Join United Nation’s "Climate Neutral Now" Initiative

PARIS, FRANCE — September 17, 2020 — VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, today announced a new green initiative to control the company’s environmental impact. Its goal is to become completely carbon neutral by 2021 in all facets of business operations, including the manufacturing of its video products. VITEC’s carbon-balanced video products will support the environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives of customers who share VITEC’s commitment to making the world a better place for future generations.

"Technology providers have a responsibility to contribute to the rescue of our planet, and I want VITEC to be among the front runners," said Philippe Wetzel, CEO of VITEC. "This initiative is important to me, our global employees, and the communities we serve. We have always tried to make positive green choices when developing new facilities or processes. The sooner we reach carbon neutrality, the sooner we will see benefits for our businesses and partners."

On June 15, 2020, VITEC signed the United Nation’s "Climate Neutral Now" initiative, joining other global organizations to measure, reduce and offset carbon gas emissions to achieve climate neutrality. As a first step in its Climate Neutral Now pledge, VITEC calculated its greenhouse gas emissions for the 2019 fiscal year and purchased carbon offsets from U.N.-affiliated organizations to bring the company’s 2019 carbon impact to net-zero.

Additionally, a recently completed research study of VITEC’s current carbon footprint -- across its global offices and supply chains -- has identified areas in which VITEC can continue to reduce the company’s greenhouse gases. These include opportunities to modernize VITEC’s approach to energy use, materials, travel, and shipping. As the company’s plan of action is finalized, employees have been challenged to do their part in developing carbon-balanced MPEG and IPTV video products. Learn more about VITEC’s green initiative at or VITEC's full line of products is available at