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New SmartView Web from SP Controls Enables Campus-Wide AV Management from any Desktop or Mobile Browser
Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

INFOCOMM LAS VEGAS, NV – Campus AV pioneer SP Controls has announced the next wave in campus-wide AV management and control. SmartView Web is an enterprise enabled management system accessed from any web browser on the local network. Rather than being tied to a help desk, IT and network management staff can now access, control, troubleshoot and manage AV equipment campus-wide.

SP Controls introduced the first generation SmartView in 2003 for remote access to its managed AV equipment. SmartView Web has been completely re-designed based on HTML5 to provide immediate response from equipment such as projectors, DVD players, projection screens – any managed device – when used with the SP Controls Networked Room Controller.

Cost and Personnel Efficiencies

As a centralized, web-based network management system, SmartView Web provides both immediate and long-term cost benefits by consolidating the number of individual management control points and providing flexibility to manage systems from anywhere on campus.

Using SmartView from any desktop or mobile browser, IT and network managers can

 • Set groups of rooms based on any set of parameters (by floor, building, use, etc.)

 • Add new room information just by entering an IP address

 • Efficiently monitor status of equipment, patterns of use and maintenance issues such as projector bulb life

 • Schedule every AV device on the network individually or by group

 • Globally set equipment in rooms to power up, shut down or change input in case of emergency

 • Provide tech support and troubleshooting from anywhere throughout the campus For example, an IT or network manager can set the projector in a specific room to power up at the same time on certain days. All rooms can be set to power down at the same time each evening.

Campus Safety and Emergency Alerts

When messaging is configured, individuals in any room throughout the campus can instantly alert the IT or network manager to any unusual activity or potentially volatile disturbance at their location. From the SmartView Web interface, the manager can then alert authorities and,  for example, globally launch a warning message to be distributed via configured AV equipment throughout the campus.

"Global management and security on both businesses and education campuses is crucial both for efficiency and for safety in today's environment," said Paul Brown, president and CEO of SP Controls, Inc. "With SmartView Web, we're offering peace of mind, flexibility and high value regardless of the size of the organization."