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Shure PSM®1000 Used Exclusively for the 54th Annual GRAMMY® Awards
Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2012
Shure PSM®1000 Used Exclusively for the 54th Annual GRAMMY® Awards

LOS ANGELES, February, 2012 — All of the artists and bands who performed using in-ear monitors during the 54th Annual GRAMMY® Awards used the new Shure PSM®1000 Personal Monitor System, including Adele, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Foster the People, and Taylor Swift.

"The PSM 1000s are a dream come true,” said Tom Pesa, Monitor Engineer, Stage Right, for this year’s show. “The RF stability is so solid, it allows us to focus on mixing. Using the CueMode feature, we can provide the monitor engineers a single pack with all of the bands’ mixes so they can scroll through them while on stage."

“In a very short time, PSM 1000 has become a favorite among some of today’s top artists and their monitor engineers,” said Cory Lorentz, Artist Relations Manager for Shure. “This year’s GRAMMY Awards show had 26 channels being used by everyone from Rhianna to Katy Perry.”

Legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen opened the GRAMMY Awards this year with “We Take Care of Our Own,” a track from his forthcoming album, "Wrecking Ball," with the rest of The E Street Band all using wired Shure SM58® microphones for vocals.

“The Boss really set the pace for all of the night’s performances at this year’s show,” said Lorentz. “He sounded great, and it seems like his energy and intensity are just as powerful as they were back in the days of "Born in the U.S.A." I mean, Springsteen on a wired SM58…it just doesn’t get any more All-American, rock and roll than that.”

Shure UHF-R® wireless microphone systems, with a combination of SM58, Beta 58A®, and KSM9 handheld transmitters, were chosen by a long list of artists for performances throughout the evening, including Bonnie Raitt (UR2/SM58), Coldplay (UR2/Beta 58A), The Civil Wars (UR2/KSM9), and Jennifer Hudson (UR2/KSM9) for her emotional rendition of “I Will Always Love You,” in honor of Whitney Houston.

“One of my favorite performances was The Civil Wars doing ‘Barton Hollow’ as the introduction for Taylor Swift,” added Lorentz. “The Shure KSM313 on their guitar sounded amazing, as did the Shure Super 55 on Taylor Swift during her song.”

Every year, the GRAMMY Awards include at least one tribute. This year was no different, with performances honoring The Beach Boys, performing with two Shure endorsers: Maroon 5 (UR2/SM58) and Foster the People (UR2/KSM9); and Glen Campbell, featuring Shure endorsers The Band Perry (UR2/SM58), Blake Shelton, and Campbell (UR2/SM58) himself.

The show ended just like it opened, with a legend performing on a Shure microphone: Sir Paul McCartney closed the 2012 GRAMMY show with a medley of “Golden Slumbers,” “Carry That Weight,” and “The End” on a Beta 58A.