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2K Resolution Blue Laser Projector

Model: NC1803ML

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Sharp NEC Display Solutions, a global leader in the projector and display market, today announced the availability of the NC1803ML laser projector in its digital cinema projection series. The NC1803ML is the ideal projection solution for theaters with small and medium screens, offering an improved replaceable laser module and laser light source lifespan of up to 50,000* hours. The NC1803ML is also suitable for museum, house of worship, and higher education applications.

Exhibitors now have an affordable, flexible, and reliable new cinema projection solution offering interchangeable laser light sources in the projector head for the ultimate in versatility and future-proofing. The interchangeable laser module can be purchased separately and switched between projector heads for different sized auditoriums. With an upgraded laser module from the previous generation, the NC1803ML uses a blue laser light source and generates 18,000 lumens of brightness. Its 2K DCI-compliant cinema quality produces an outstanding image that is bright enough to display 14 ft-L on screens up to 63.3 ft/19 m in DCI color.

“With the ability to display varying content for different sized auditoriums with the same projector, our new generation of modular laser projectors allow exhibitors to protect their investment,” said Richard McPherson, Senior Product Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions. “Moreover, the NC1803ML is designed for maximum compatibility, working with major integrated media servers available on the market.”

In addition to improved projection and imaging, benefits include the cost-effective and reliable nature of the NC1803ML. This next generation projector offers exhibitors not only significantly reduced maintenance costs, but also peace of mind that audiences will leave with enthusiasm to return to catch another blockbuster in the theater.

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