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Project List Coliseum Upgrades to One Systems Speakers
Posted on Friday, December 14, 2012 Coliseum Upgrades to One Systems Speakers

 Nashville, Tennessee - Quality Sound of Stockton, California recently installed One Systems 108IM/70 speakers in Coliseum in Oakland, California, the home of the NFL's Oakland Raiders and MLB's Oakland Athletics. Coliseum houses 6,300 club seats, 143 luxury suites and accommodates seating of up to 63,026 patrons depending on the event. This facility is a high-noise sports and live music venue that required exceptionally intelligible speakers that delivered both music and spoken word program material flawlessly. Quality Sound chose One Systems speakers based on their sound quality, proven weatherproofing and excellent value. 

One Systems' patented Equivalent Throat horn/driver technology and high-output woofer design made their choice easy for Quality Sound A/V Design & Sales Manager Don Otomo. "There was a need to incorporate different voice and music settings depending on usage. One Systems models carry voice and music material from the main PA and act as a supplement for live-music concerts, in order to cover the entire coliseum," says Otomo. 

"Due to the fact that Coliseum is an open air arena, I was searching for truly weatherproof speakers, and I found it with One Systems," says Otomo. "We thought we would have to give up sound quality for weatherproofing requirements, but the 108IM/70 provides both. Not only do the speakers deliver top of the line sound and impeccable weatherproofing quality, but the One Systems speakers fit our budget nicely as well."

Each One Systems speaker is mounted securely above the 1st and 2nd floor seating areas providing sound outside of the main speaker system's coverage. All speakers are mounted with 108IM-U U-Brackets designed for these applications. 

Working closely with Project Manager Bill Minch of Quality Sound, Otomo designed the system to ensure that it performas to professional sound reinforcement standards. In order to deliver perfect sound quality for fans, Otomo and his team created eight separate delay zones, assuring that the sound is perceived as coming from one single point of origin. 

Another unique audio feature accompanying the One Systems installation is ambient microphones that track ambient sound levels in the concourse. Therefore, depending on the amount of sound, it increases or decreases the volume for select inputs for gate messages or radio feed zones. "In all, One Systems speakers provide improved intelligibility with excellent audio quality for all the stadium's seating as well as the concourse. We are very impressed with its capabilities," exclaims Otomo. 

"We are very proud to be a part of Oakland's historic coliseum and the sports and entertainment events held there. Coliseum is a great example of an outdoor, multi-use facility and our speakers work especially well in these types of environments," says One Systems President Doug MacCallum.