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Hong Kong Taoist Temple Chooses One Systems
Posted on Friday, September 19, 2014
Hong Kong Taoist Temple Chooses One Systems Hong Kong, China - The Wong Tai Sin Temple is a well-known shrine and a major tourist attraction situated on four-and-a-half acres located on the north side of Kowloon in Hong Kong. The temple recently commissioned DinoTech Ltd. to design a new audio system that would provide paging and traditional background music throughout its sprawling indoor and outdoor areas. DinoTech Ltd. designed a distributed system consisting of 15 zones that use 70 One Systems' 103IM, 108IM and 112IM direct-weather loudspeakers. 

The injection molded One Systems enclosure are made with a special copolymer material developed for use in harsh weather environments. The speaker's stainless steel grille assemblies utilize a 3-layer "rain shield" design that provides acoustic transparency as well as protection from water, moisture and windblown particles. 

The 103IM loudspeaker is loaded with a high-frequency driver coupled to an elliptical constant-directivity horn and a 4-inch woofer that provides extended bandwidth response for a small-format system. The 108IMs and 112IMs feature 8-inch and 12-inch woofers respectively. Both of these systems utilize One Systems' patented ET driver technology, which have a unique "equivalent throat" design that enables its radiation pattern to be controlled by the phase plug's summation plane, instead of the conventional "exit diameter" at the end of the driver's structure. The ETS and ET-1 drivers have pure titanium diaphragms and close-spaced circumferential ring phase plugs that delvers extended high-frequency bandwidth. 

Four Lab.gruppen C28:4 amplifiers power the Wong Tai Sin Temple's sound reinforcement system. A Biamp AudiaFLEX DSP audio platform monitors and controls the 15 zones as well as distributing the signal via CAT-5.