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On Point Audio provides Sound Reinforcement for Komyo-ji Temple Concerts
Posted on Monday, January 20, 2014
On Point Audio provides Sound Reinforcement for Komyo-ji Temple Concerts  Nashville, TN - The Komyo-ji Temple in Kamakura, Japan presents music concerts occassionally in its main hall. Micro Tacs, a local pro audio rental company, recently provided a sound reinforcement system for a jazz concert held at the temple. 

"Several hundred guests enjoyed the system," explains Shiro Nagashima, owner of Micro Tacs. "The OPALine system provided high fidelity sound while not overwhelming the audience. It was perfect for this venue."

The OPALine is a single-box line array with a vertical transducer configuration that generates wide horizontal dispersion while also providing precise vertical pattern control. As a result, its well defined pattern control provides excellent intelligibility in reverberant spaces making it ideal for the temple's main hall. 

The OPALine is loaded with four of On Point Audio's NP8 high-output, narrow-profile woofers that have the same acoustical radiating area as a conventional 8-inch woofer in a much smaller profile. OPALine's HF section features two vertical line array waveguides each coupled to a high-output, medium-format titanium compression driver. This configuration delivers excellent vocal range pattern control, superior system intelligibility, excellent output capability and high reliability. 

When paired with its companion OPALine Sub - a powered 18-inch subwoofer with two onboard power amplifiers, the OPALine becomes a full three-way powered system. The OPALine system delivered the audio fidelity, vocal intelligibility and the low end muscle that a jazz concert requires. 

Micro Tacs also provided two OPA 28 NP dual 8-inch two-way speakers and two OPA 10 Active powered 10-inch two-way speakers that were utilized as monitors. 

"The host of the event was very please with the look of the OPALine / Sub system," Nagashima adds. "He did not want the system to detract from the space and the compact, slim appearance of the pole-mounted enclosures fit the aesthetics of the room perfectly."

Micro Tacs also provided a similar OPALine system for the Cafe' Prime in Enoshima Yacht Harbor which was equally well received.