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21 Years Later, Meyer Sound is Still the Choice for Danish Mantziusgården Culture Center
Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011
21 Years Later, Meyer Sound is Still the Choice for Danish Mantziusgården Culture Center

 Set amid the pastoral greenery of Denmark's Birkerød village,Mantziusgården Culture Center has recently upgraded its venerable Meyer Sound UPA-1 loudspeakers of 21 years to a JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker system. Stouenborg of Kastrup, Denmark handled the sound system design and installation.

Introduced three decades apart from each other, Mantziusgården's new self-powered JM-1P system and its previous conventionally powered UPA-1 loudspeakers are both point source systems from Meyer Sound. "As a company, Meyer Sound is built on an appreciation for excellent sound," says Thomas Normann Løve, the venue's resident sound engineer. "This commitment is clearly heard in the exceptional performance of our Meyer Sound equipment."

With a seating capacity of 750 patrons, the intimate Mantziusgården Culture Center stages a remarkably diverse array of performances that demand ample power and precise clarity from its sound system. Scheduled shows at the venue range from chamber music to a Queen tribute band, and from lectures and comedy to children's events.

Designed by Stouenborg's Anders Jørgensen using the MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program, the new sound system features left and right clusters of three JM-1P loudspeakers each, while an additional complement of five UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers and two UPM-1P loudspeakers supply front fill and balcony delay. Controlled bass comes from left and right end-fired arrays of two-each 700-HP subwoofers, with system EQ and delay provided by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with one Galileo 616 processor. A Meyer Sound SIM 3 audio analyzer was used for system tuning.

Mantziusgården Culture Center is operated by Rudersdal Municipality, and serves as the principal performing arts venue for the small towns and villages under Rudersdal's governing authority.

Speaking on behalf of Rudersdal, Cultural District Manager Henrik Skovgaard comments, "My expectations for the project have been more than fulfilled, and it has been an incredibly satisfying process from beginning to end."