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Meyer Sound IntelligentDC Hits the Ceiling with New Ashby Series
Posted on Monday, January 29, 2018

Meyer Sound has announced the introduction of the Ashby Series self-powered ceiling loudspeakers, the latest addition to a growing family of installation products incorporating the company’s exclusive IntelligentDC technology. The two new Ashby loudspeakers join seven surface mount models in the existing IntelligentDC line, all of which offer the inherent sonic advantages of self-powered systems along with the installation ease of distributed low-voltage systems.

The Ashby Series comprises two flush-mount models: the Ashby-5C with a 5-inch low-mid cone driver and the Ashby-8C with an 8-inch low-mid driver. Both employ a concentric 0.75” metal dome tweeter and are housed in integral, quick-mount metal backcans with Phoenix connectors for fast, simple installation in new or retrofit systems. The innovative dual-driver concentric design provides a uniform 100-degree dispersion pattern, allowing use of fewer speakers to cover a wide listening area.

As with other IntelligentDC models, Ashby loudspeakers connect to a remote MPS-488HP rack-mount unit that supplies both balanced audio signal and 48V DC power for the amplifier. Connections are made using a single 5-conductor cable, and because no conduit is required by fire codes in most jurisdictions, the cables can be placed in open troughs with quick termination on 5-pin Phoenix connectors. Cable lengths of up to 450 feet (127 meters) are accommodated with no more than 1 dB loss using 18 AWG wire, and longer runs are possible using heavier gauges. In addition, remote monitoring of individual loudspeaker status on a Windows or Mac computer is available with the addition of the optional RMS module, RMServer and Compass software.

Ashby loudspeakers provide an optimal solution when uncompromising audio performance must be combined with discreet, flush-mount installation. Typical applications include restaurants, hotels, airports and other transit terminals, corporate board rooms, and high-end retail locations.

“The Ashby loudspeakers are a long-awaited addition to our IntelligentDC line,” says Pablo Espinosa, Meyer Sound’s vice president of R&D and chief loudspeaker designer. “Now integrators can combine both surface-mount and flush-mount models in the same installation using the same power supply and signal distribution units. This allows complete freedom for architects and consultants in system design, while also simplifying installation and reducing rack space requirements.”

In addition to the two Ashby models, the IntelligentDC line includes five full-range loudspeakers (MM-4XP, UP-4XP, UPM-1XP, UPJunior-XP, UPJ-1XP) and two subwoofers (MM-10 and UMS-1XP). Ashby IntelligentDC ceiling loudspeakers are making their European trade show debut at ISE in Amsterdam, February 6 through 9.


“Ashby will be a featured part of our ISE booth, with displays of open product for detailed examination as well as active Ashby loudspeakers installed overhead for auditioning,” continues Espinosa. “Even in the commotion and high ambient noise of a trade show – and perhaps because of that distraction – we are confident Ashby’s sonic superiority will be clearly audible.”