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Marshall Electronics, Inc.

For over 30 years, Marshall has been a trusted provider of high quality and reliable video, audio and multimedia systems for Broadcast Video, Pro A/V, Pro Audio and OEM applications worldwide. Marshall is dedicated to supplying the Pro A/V market with innovative POV and PTZ cameras, format converters, conferencing microphones and production equipment without sacrificing quality or reliability.

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Experience versatile audio analysis functions, flexible matrix routing and format conversion tools, and a pair of powerful speakers packed into 1 RU with the new Marshall AR-DM61-BT Multi-Channel Digi
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MXL Microphones Thanks You for Making NAMM 2018 A Great Show!
Posted on Tuesday, February 6, 2018


MXL Microphones had a fantastic 2018 NAMM Show! 
Thank you to everyone who came by the booth.
Just in case you missed it, here are some highlights!
The MXL POP LSM-9 Official Launch!
MXL Microphones held a press event at the end of the first day to announce the launch of the POP LSM-9 Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone.
The MXL POP LSM-9 is a live vocal microphone designed to give on-stage performers an eye-catching handheld microphone that cancels vibrations and minimizes handling noise .
Available in colors: Blue, Magenta, Yellow, and Green. 
CR89 Stands Out Among Studio Condensers!


The MXL CR89 large diaphragm condenser microphone with ultra-low-noise circuitry delivers a full, rich sound while minimizing any self-noise.
Additionally, the CR89 has an intentionally low proximity effect to allow for up-close, intimate recordings.


MXL Studio Mics Pull a Crowd!
For over 30 years, MXL Studio Condenser mics have been staples in recording studios across the country. Musicians from all over the world came by the booth to talk about how they use t he classics like the MXL 990, V67G, and Genesis tube condenser mics  in their studios.
The MXL 990 [left] offers a silky, sweet high end and a tight solid bass. It's perfect for recording vocals and is one of MXL's most popular mics.
Read more about the MXL 990
The MXL V67G [middle] is a very capable vocal microphone that's highly-regarded for its open and vintage sound.
The MXL Genesis [right] is MXL's flagship tube microphone, using a premium 12AT7 tube for warmth and low noise. It has a low frequency roll off and -10dB switch, and delivers rich, penetrating vocals that sit perfectly in the mix.
Read more about the MXL Genesis