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27" Class LED LCD Ultra HD 4K IPS Monitor with 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Series: It Monitors

Model: 27MU88-W

  • Ultra HD 4k on an IPS display
  • USB-C
  • Freesync technology
  • Black stabilizer
  • Preset Customized Options with Just a Click
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When IPS meets 4K, the result is even more amazing. The 27MU88-W’s Ultra HD IPS Display offers much better color reproduction compared to TN panels, providing incredible viewing angles and great color consistency over the entire screen. With a 4K IPS monitor, gamers can enjoy seamless viewing for an ultimate immersive gaming experience. Furthermore, the 27MU88-W in 3840x2160 Ultra HD resolutions provides increased clarity, sharper texture, more details, more “real estate”, and smoother images.

USB-C ports will transform an ordinary work room into an advanced work studio by increasing the work efficiency. Connecting single USB-C cable allows simultaneous transfer of 4K screen, data and power to charge laptop or mobile device battery. in other words, you can replace all the messy cables & power brick with a single USB-C cable.

The 27MU88-W offers the built-in FreeSync technology. FreeSync technology of AMD eliminates tearing that occurs, in games with the highest visual settings, due to the difference between a graphic card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate Therefore, users who use the 27MU88-W adapted to FreeSync technology with the AMD latest hardware can rest assured that they are enjoying the best experience possible.

The Black Stabilizer allows gamers to have better visibility, even in deep-dark scenes or too-light scenes. It lets you have better strategy by enabling you to see if there is an enemy or object waiting to interrupt you in the darkest area. Plus, there is no more worry when facing a bright area, such as a flash bang attack; the Black Stabilizer effect minimizes visually-compromised areas on the screen during the flash bang.

Did you know that your eyes are affected by flickers on the monitor while you may not have seen them Over time, working, gaming and movie viewing can cause eye strain and fatigue. But, Flicker Safe and Reader Mode help maximize visual comfort by protecting your eyes from harmful blue light and reducing the flicker level to almost zero.
  • Ultra HD 4k on an IPS display
  • USB-C
  • Freesync technology
  • Black stabilizer
  • Preset Customized Options with Just a Click
  • OnScreen Control allows you to modify your screen configuration by a few clicks without forcing physical buttons built in monitor
  • My Display Presets offers customized picture mode for specific software
  • It has automatically applied to picture mode you already preset. You don't need to select the picture mode each time
  • Total Color Management
  • The Color Calibration feature maintains the original color of monitor through calibrator and dedicated calibration SW
  • True Color Pro Multiple Picture Mode includes various color mode presets for viewing environments or as any kind of your visual-work
  • Create Your Own Comfort Zone
  • With a pivot function, it brings you to enhance working efficiency as you edit the vertically long photos
  • Offers a high standard of comfort by adding other stand functions on your needs
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