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Gefen solutions for Audio Interfacing
Posted on Thursday, January 8, 2009

Las Vegas NV - Booth 21744 - The GefenTV brand from Gefen introduces three new solutions for audio systems at CES. Each one is designed to enable a simple, effective method of integrating existing equipment to enhance performance while saving money.

Convert up to 5.1-channel audio encoded in Dolby Digital Surround to L/R analog audio -- without additional costly equipment!

The GefenTV Dolby Digital to Analog Audio decoder is ideal for combining older, analog-based audio systems with modern digital audio devices. This tiny decoder converts 5.1 digital audio from Dolby-encoded devices to L/R analog audio. Direct connections can be made between digital devices using S/PDIF and TOSlink connectors to analog L/R speakers or receivers. DVD players, CD players and computer-based music can be enjoyed using older existing analog sound systems. Gefen's part number for this product is GTV-DD-2-AA.

Switch any two TOSLINK digital audio sources or add a second one to your audio system -- without expensive add-on equipment!

The GefenTV 2x1 Digital Audio Switcher is a simple solution that connects two digital audio devices using the TOSlink format to one A/V receiver or any device equipped with a TOSlink connector. You can connect two DVD players, gaming systems or CD players, and access each one from the same audio receiver. A local button on the Switcher controls source access. Each audio device can be placed up to 25-feet from the switcher, allowing added convenience in system setup. Gefen's part number for this product is GTV-DIGAUD-241.

Split TOSLINK digital audio from one source to two devices

The GefenTV 1:2 Digital Audio Splitter allows a CD player, computer system or DVD player to be delivered to two audio receivers at the same time. It offers an effective, plug and play method of splitting any digital audio signal using the TOSlink format, and delivering two identical audio signals. Perfect for two-zone or bi-amp audio systems, this splitter offers a cost-effective method of maximizing your audio devices without adding additional equipment. Gefen's part number for this product is GTV-DIGAUD-142.