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Draper, Inc.

Draper, Inc., manufactures front and rear projection screens, lifts for projectors and flat panel displays, AV mounts and structures, and motorized and manual window shades for any need.

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Acumen™ XL E features motorized operation and a wide range of self-supporting viewing surfaces. Available in sizes up to 18' wide.
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Podcast Outlines Productivity Benefits of Window Shades
Posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Podcast Outlines Productivity Benefits of Window Shades

While reducing energy costs continues to be a major factor in the specification of window shades, more architects and designers are now using shades for a much different reason.

“Energy savings is definitely a big part of window shades but we’re seeing more and more discussions about occupancy comfort and workroom productivity,” said Jeff Miller, LEED®AP, solar control product manager for Draper, Inc.

Jeff discussed the role of windows shades in increasing worker productivity on an episode of the AEC podcast by MarketScale.

“Glare on a computer screen is a major issue when it comes to productivity for workers. Controlling that heat buildup is also a major issue,” Miller said. “If the worker can’t see his computer, and he’s so uncomfortable because of the heat buildup, just imagine how his productivity is going to be affected by those two things.”

About 80 percent of the cost of building operation is salaries, so even a small increase in productivity can have an enormous impact on the bottom line.

To hear the full 17-minute podcast and learn more about shades and productivity, click the "listen" link below..