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Soundvision Chooses Community ENTASYS for State-of-the-Art Auditoria
Posted on Monday, January 21, 2013
Soundvision Chooses Community ENTASYS for State-of-the-Art Auditoria

Brazil - The Brazilian Central Bank headquarters, located in the capital city of Brasilia’s tallest building, has recently renovated two of its key auditoria. The institution is responsible for the success of Brazilian economic policy, so the auditoria are attended by many leaders of Brazilian finance.

The two auditoria, Denio Nogueira and Octavio Gouvêa de Bulhões, underwent a complete refit that included construction, décor and furnishing by Almeida França Engenharia. State-of-the-art audio, video, conference and automation systems were installed for the auditoria by Soundvision Eng. de Áudio e Vídeo. The systems were conceived and designed by Fernando Gargantini, systems manager, Leandro Freire, commercial manager and Tadeu Torquato, general director. Fernando Gargantini shared the project management with Ricardo Maraldi, systems manager.

Community ENTASYS loudspeakers were used for the auditoria audio, the first installation of its type in Brazil to use the flagship column-line-array systems. The ENTASYS were chosen for their combination of aesthetics and performance, as Fernando Gargantini of Soundvision explains, “With just two slim columns on each side of the stage we could ensure a well-distributed, uniform and homogenous coverage of the acoustic space. Offering great intelligibility with a compact, attractive appearance, ENTASYS has proved very popular with Brazilian architects while meeting the high standards of audio professionals.”

Gargantini continues, “Each ENTASYS enclosure is a high-efficiency, full-range column-line-array with power handling of 600W RMS. In the case of the Octavio Gouvêa de Bulhões auditorium we have used six ENTASYS enclosures configured in two columns on each side of the stage, covering 120-degrees horizontal by 6-degrees vertical.”

In addition to the sound systems, both auditoria feature VGA and HDMI video streaming over full HD CAT5, together with HD projection by Christie and Crestron automation. The Denio Nogueira auditorium also features a Bosch conference system. The automation control is handled via a 15-inch touch screen monitor and two iPads, which can control the audio and video via Wi-Fi from anywhere in the auditoria. The systems provide the versatility and reliability that both auditoria need for both internal use and for presentations to the media.

Gargantini concludes, “The Octavio Gouvêa de Bulhões system was first used for the official release to the media of the new 10 and 20 Reais Bills by the President of the Brazilian Central Bank and other senior officials, with the event broadcast on national television. This was a major event for the auditorium’s inaugural use and the systems passed with distinction.”