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NEC and Partner Technologies Bring Real-Time Visibility to Situational Awareness Spaces

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NEC and Partner Technologies Bring Real-Time Visibility to Situational Awareness Spaces
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Quick Facts

  • The Challenge: Create an interactive area within a new corporate headquarters that showcases the latest technologies for situational awareness environments
  • Solution: Multiple applications:
    • UN462A 46-inch ultra-narrow-bezel pro-grade display
    • EX241UN-PT-H 24-inch full HD desktop touch display with mount
    • (2) EX341R-BK 34-inch ultra-wide monitors with three-sided ultra-narrow bezels
    • Partner technologies: Intel, Peerless-AV, TSI Touch, Vaddio, Winsted, Hiperwall
  • Result: Functional corporate-use spaces that serve a company as well as provide a showcase for customers – including a stunning lobby display that greets visitors and employees before they even set foot in the office, as well as examples of boardrooms/conference areas and huddle rooms.

Companies need streamlined operations, support for mission-critical applications, and complete visibility into processes and departments – and finding the technology that can provide that level of visibility is no simple task.

So when NEC Display Solutions designed its new headquarters, the company sought to showcase its spectrum of technologies in what’s known as the Briefing Center: a 6,000-square-foot showroom space divided into 10 dedicated staging areas, or vignettes, for each of its main verticals – including command and control.

The Command and Control Vignette

The command and control vignette in the NEC Briefing Center brings these goals together in one turnkey space, showcasing what’s possible when customers combine NEC and partner technologies from Intel, Peerless-AV, TSI Touch, Vaddio, Winsted and Hiperwall. The vignette features a video wall with content streaming live via the Hiperwall software. It runs in full resolution, with cached content in the upper left corner. A Vaddio camera runs a live IPTV screen.

With Hiperwall software and NEC displays, employees can stay informed of real-time conditions so they can react to situations quickly and effectively. Curved and flat desktop displays surround operators with mission-critical information, creating total visibility. Customers can use the Hiperwall software to manipulate the video wall in different ways. For example, they can use all of the monitors to look at one piece of data or video feed, or cut the individual screen into pieces with the software, making it easier to parse data or observe operations.

“As command and control/situational awareness environments evolve, NEC Display is poised to deliver the best customer-centric solution through our partnerships with companies like Hiperwall,” said Chris Feldman, senior product manager, NEC Display. “Our command and control vignette showcases this by exemplifying a high-tech, mission-critical solution that’s also user-friendly, simple to use and flexible.”