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Control Consoles Use Chief Monitor Mounts for Precise Screen Placement

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Control Consoles Use Chief Monitor Mounts for Precise Screen Placement
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ImageVision, Inc., is a Texas-based manufacturer of high-quality powder coated steel Control consoles. Their control room furniture is designed for continuous use for security consoles and for technical furniture in industrial environments such as oil & gas, pulp & paper, mining, and food processing.

ImageVision control consoles are durable and ergonomically designed to help operators endure long hours of rigorous use. To that end, monitor placement is of utmost importance. Monitor size and an operator’s ergonomic differences required them to offer mounts that provide maximum flexibility.


Enter Chief’s monitor mounts. The KWP130B pivot & tilt height-adjustable wall mount comes standard with their control consoles. The mount provides Centris® technology for smooth, fingertip tilt in all directions using the screen’s center of gravity. The biggest benefit of this solution for ImageVision is the 4.8 inches of height adjustment.

“This made it more ergonomically pleasing to customers,” said Bill Tielsch, Inside Sales at ImageVision. “When they have two screens stacked, they like to get that lower tier down close to the work surface.”

With the lower monitor capabilities, operators with bifocal lenses don’t have to lean back to look at the second-tier monitors, greatly reducing potential negative ergonomics.

As monitor sizes trend toward wider screens, Tielsch said they are able to accommodate the new widths with other Chief solutions like the K1W110B dynamic wall mount. Using these, they can angle the monitors back toward the operator.

In other instances, end users just want a flat surface for their control consoles without the tier mounting. The K3F220B Kontour K3 free-standing 2x2 array with KRA500B desk clamp accessory provides multi-monitor support in these situations.


One repeat customer recently outfitted four new operator consoles at four different locations. They liked the new monitor mount options so much that they went back to retrofit their older units with the pivot & tilt height-adjustable wall mounts.

In another case, an engineer had bought and stored a new order prior to installation. By the time he was ready to install, he found that the monitor mounts had “disappeared” and had to order more. Some other engineer had taken six of the mounts for his existing project.

“In a place that big, there’s no telling where they are now,” Tielsch said. “Some of these guys are sitting there 20 years or more, so when they find something they really like, they go to any means to obtain them.”