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Smaller Access FIT is Perfect Fit For Indiana College

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Smaller Access FIT is Perfect Fit For Indiana College
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EARLHAM COLLEGE WAS named one of the nation’s top 10 liberal arts colleges for a commitment to excellence in teaching by U.S. News & World Report. So when it came time for the 1000-student eastern Indiana college to build a new 42,000-square-foot Center for Science and Technology, it was a given that the facility would be full of the best and most up-to-date educational technologies available.

 But as the time grew near to deliver and install projection screens, there was a problem: someone noticed that the Access/Series V screens meant to be recessed above the ceiling in several rooms were too big. There wasn’t enough space above the ceiling to accommodate the height of the screen cases.

“They suddenly found themselves in the situation where they’d ordered 14 ceiling-recessed screens, and four of them were no longer right for thAccess FITe job,” according to Jim Hoodlebrink, Draper’s IDS and Rental Products Manager. “So the dealer, Tech Electronics, got in touch with us to see if something could be done.”

As luck would have it, Draper had just finished putting the final touches on an Access screen redesign. That process had included the development of a smaller version of the Access, designed for just the type of problem Earlham was having with their screens!

“In a way we were kind of excited when they contacted us about the issue of not having enough space above some of the ceilings,” says Hoodlebrink. “It’s always fun when you get to tell someone that there isn’t a problem, because you have the perfect solution.”

That “perfect solution” is the Access FIT, the smaller sibling of Draper’s classic Access series of ceiling recessed screens. The FIT’s case is less than six inches tall, so it can get into places where screens could never before fit.

Access FITThe Access FIT came about as the result of customer input on the Access solicited in 2014, and was introduced in Draper’s 2015 Access FIT case (left) and full-size Access case (right). price list.

In addition to the smaller profile—5-11/16 inches tall including trim flange and mounting brackets— several other design improvements were made for both the Fit and the larger Access screens. The bottom closure panel was redesigned with new hinge system allows the closure panel to hang in place when opened, or it can be easily removed. This allows one person to service the screen. Adjustable or removable hoisting brackets are also now included to allow for easy lifting during installation.

“We were really happy when Draper came back with this suggestion,” according to Rob Clayton, the Operations Manager for Tech Electronics. “Without the availability of this small screen case, I’m not sure what we would have done. We probably would have had to go to a wall mounted model.”

The Access FIT utilizes the same rugged components as larger Access screens, so the smaller size doesn’t mean a sacrifice in quality and durability. The Access FIT is available as a motorized or manual unit, with any Draper tab-tensioned or nontensioned viewing surface.