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Ensuring inclusive access to learning: South Washington County Schools' purposeful tech integration

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Ensuring inclusive access to learning: South Washington County Schools' purposeful tech integration
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Ensuring inclusive access to learning: South Washington County Schools' purposeful tech integration
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Stepping into the classrooms of South Washington County Schools, one can clearly see the careful consideration to get every student engaged in learning. Their recent technology investment isn't just about screens and gadgets; it's a heartfelt commitment to creating inclusive and accessible learning experiences. Guided by the dedicated Technology Integration team-Bob Berkowitz, Allie Flaata, and Amber Sorenson the mission is clear: to provide a quality education for every student. That’s made possible with the support of classroom technology.

Recognizing the need for a district-wide technology transformation, the team embarked on a journey that went beyond adopting tools. Early adopters of SMART Boards, the district always emphasized the importance of enhancing the learning experience.

Bob Berkowitz, Director of Technology, reflects, "It's the vision of the 'why.' That's the more important piece." The team understood that technology wasn't just a tool; it was a bridge to innovative learning experiences. As devices poured into the district, the urgency to transform technology into meaningful learning experiences and connect students with learning became paramount.

Making a difference in students and teachers daily lives

The impact of technology is profound in SoWashCo classrooms. The commitment to classroom technology stems from the belief that standard platforms ensure consistent education, fostering an environment where every student receives an equitable learning experience. Interactive displays from SMART are no exception.

One transformative initiative is the commitment to accessibility. Bob Berkowitz, Director of Technology, highlights a groundbreaking initiative pairing SMART Displays with an audio enhancement system for students with hearing impairments (something that industry-leading SMART Boards). This innovative approach not only amplifies the teacher's voice but provides an immersive experience for all students, regardless of their abilities. It's a testament to the district's dedication to equity and inclusion.

Amber Sorenson, Technology Integration Coordinator, adds, "If any way we can make all the extra things way easier for [teachers] so that they can focus on having relationships with their students and getting to know them is really sort of my personal mission."

South Washington County Schools' technology choices are about investing in the future of education.

The heart of the story lies in the district's dedication to inclusive learning. By seamlessly integrating technology with the goal of accessibility, South Washington County Schools sets a commendable example for others. The district's commitment to education, innovation, and inclusivity unveils a transformative approach that goes beyond conventional norms, creating an environment where every student can thrive. As Bob Berkowitz aptly puts it, "That interaction is more than just obvious learning; there's a true connection."

Technology connects us. That’s an integral part of SMART’s mission, to support the connections that matter. Teachers at SoWashCo utilize Lumio and SMART to connect with their students and connect students to knowledge.