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O.H.S.O. Brewery

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O.H.S.O. Brewery
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The first O.H.S.O. Brewery (Outrageous Home Brewer’s Social Outpost) opened in Arcadia, Arizona, in 2011 and since has expanded to four locations across the Greater Phoenix area. The concept, which brings together a restaurant, local nano-brewery, distillery and dog-friendly social hot spot into one establishment, was founded on the premise of creating a place where home brewers and guests could not only brew their own beer but be able to get it on tap as well.

Each O.H.S.O. Brewery features a casual neighborhood vibe with expansive dog-friendly patios. The Gilbert location recently set out on a new theme with the launch of “The Park,” an expansion of the brewery that features a giant outdoor playground for adults, kids and dogs. The new area includes a full bar, designated dog park, arcade, VIP cabana and a large outdoor LED video wall from Planar. Installed by Phoenix-based Positive Home Entertainment, the installation is a 15-foot-wide and nearly 9-foot-high (9x5) Planar® Luminate™ Pro Series outdoor LED video wall with a 4.8mm pixel pitch (LPO4.8).

General Manager Amanda Cutler said the Planar Luminate Pro Series LED video wall delivers an exciting game watching experience to the new outdoor area while providing opportunities for entertainment. “The initial attraction for adding the video wall was based solely on the sports viewing value it could bring, but it’s also been great for other things like movie nights and hosting special events. When we have live music, we can use the video wall to create an eccentric background for the shows. The structure of The Park is arranged for the video wall to be seen from anywhere. It’s definitely the highlight and our centerpiece.”

With 5000 nits of brightness, the Planar Luminate Pro Series outdoor LED video wall is designed to perform in the high ambient light conditions of a site under the Arizona sun. “The display is so bright that even in the sunlight the visibility is not affected whatsoever,” Cutler said. “At night we can control the brightness and turn it down so that it’s not too intense.”

Leading up to the selection of the Planar LED video wall, Justin Dewing, owner and CEO of Positive Home Entertainment, consulted with the owner of O.H.S.O. Brewery on a solution, visiting locations around the Phoenix region and looking at different large format displays. “He wanted to do something big,” Dewing said. “I’ve always been a big proponent that if you’re going to do something, don’t go after it cheaply because if it’s not the right product you’re going to end up spending more down the road. That’s what led us to Planar.”

According to Dewing, the Planar Luminate Pro Series outdoor LED video wall ended up being the perfect solution in terms of what O.H.S.O. wanted to do. “During the day, the brightness can be turned up to 80 percent and it looks incredible,” he said. “It’s just a well-built product, very durable and very robust, all the way down to the cables and their connection points. It came out flawless and Planar was absolutely amazing to deal with.”