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Kelver Library in the Arapahoe District of Byers, Colorado recognized the need to visually communicate with visitors from outside their facility and decided to install a large video wall display mounted to the outside of their building.

Administrators knew such an installation would need to withstand harsh year-round Colorado weather conditions, including high wind, dust, rain and snow. To be sure the installation would last, the District turned to Ford AV because of their previous successes designing and building such rugged outdoor video applications.

Once the video wall location and size were established, Ford AV selected the Absen XD outdoor LED monitor for its all-weather protection, brightness and its physical size. Ten monitors were arranged in a 2X5 portrait configuration. Absen’s local representative, Mizzen Marketing, introduced Adaptive Technologies Group’s modular GridLink® wall mounting frames to the project. Adaptive provided two VWD-2X2-XD and one VWD-1X2-XD all-stainless adjustable LED frames. Having only three frames to install made for an easy LED tile alignment and a time-saving installation.

The new video display enhances the appearance of the front of the building and has resulted in a bright, professional video display delivering content 24/7 for all to see.