Case Study | Barco working the magic on Pujiang lighting show at Shanghai, China | Tech Electronics
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Barco working the magic on Pujiang lighting show at Shanghai, China

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Barco working the magic on Pujiang lighting show at Shanghai, China
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Pujiang Lighting Show was staged on the 80,000-ton silo at Minsheng Road. This splendid show was created by WB Show, an international creative content provider, with the technological support of Barco using 20 UDX-W40 projectors.

WB uphold high quality standards and find each other in creating one-of-a-kind immersive experiences together and by fusing cutting-edge technology with industrial heritage and local culture.

Top-of-the-line magnificence

Barco, a world-leading projection and display solution provider, has realized a number of landmark lighting shows in the Chinese city in the past. For this show, the state-of-the-art projection technology had to cover a massive area with accurate images that impressed the onlookers at a 500m distance on the opposite side of the river. Formerly “the largest granary in Asia”, the silos are now an important city landmark on the 45km shoreline that links the two sides of Huangpu River. The 7-min video mapping depicted the journey of the venue’s industrial history and the urbanization of the city.

With cutting-edge projection equipment, Barco successfully carried out this amazing project with the most advanced visual effects. Each UDX projector has the most outstanding color rendering and light uniformity. The product reliability and the lifetime of the laser source make these projectors the best-of-the-best.

In addition, Barco’s rich experience was another major contributor to the show. It was a tough challenge to present a creative show while also taking into account the unique architectural features of the silos. Barco's team was well-experienced and met the bar in terms of technological set-up and visual performance with high resolution and remarkable color rendering. They’ve successfully brought the creativity to life while reserving the original aesthetics and beauty of the architecture.

The 80,000-ton silo project was built in an outdoor environment and is subjected to factors like heat, dust, rain or UV. Hence maintaining stability of the equipment was an important requirement. The 20 Barco UDX-W40 laser projectors nailed it, and the show exceeded all expectations.

Outlook: history revitalized by technology

After the end of the 7-min show, viewers on the other side of the river were reluctant to leave the scene. And the venue of the show became a new landmark of the city. Insiders described the Puijang lighting show as a fusion of French arts and traditional Chinese architecture.

As an ingenious attempt in preservation and renovation of time-honored industrial architecture, projection mappings are a great way to unleash the potential of the unique historical architecture.