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Barco & Forbidden City co-initiate a digital heritage appraisal

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Barco & Forbidden City co-initiate a digital heritage appraisal
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The Forbidden City upgrades the Digital Application Institute of the Cultural Heritage to celebrate its 600th anniversary. Furthering the partnership with the Forbidden City, Barco, a global visual imaging expert, built a future-proof immersive studio.

Earlier, in 2003, Barco already successfully built an indoor display system for the inauguration of the Digital Application Institute of the Cultural Heritage of the Forbidden City. The institute acts as a crucial bridge between the preservation of cultural heritage in the Forbidden City and digital trending. Co-founded by the Palace Museum and Japan’s Toppan Printing Co. Ltd., the institute aims at protection, research and demonstration of the priceless cultural heritage of all mankind through application of state-of-the-art digital technology and international cooperation.

Barco tailors immersive solutions for the Forbidden City

During the seventeen years of partnership between Barco and the Forbidden City, Barco realized an exhibition on the Duan Men (Upright Gate) and special setups for tens of thousands of receptions held in the Forbidden City, including some for the top management and leaders from other countries. The equipment’s outstanding stability and effectiveness, alongside the timely after-sales services, contributes to the Forbidden City's continuous preference for Barco’s system solutions.

For the Palace Museum project, Barco customized an integrated solution: a combination of a multi-window processor, three UDX-4K22 laser projectors, an E2 screen management system, and a front-projection screen. The system enables a 3D immersive experience, without the use of 3D glasses.

Design program with foresight

Barco’s design team was challenged by the limited space. In the current project, the team devised a projector hosting method and special support to fit the site situation. Thanks to the preservation of all earlier project data and professional SIMCAD design software, Barco nailed this project and addressed needs of this special installation environment.

Barco continue its history with digital technology

Based on our world-class hardware platform, the upgraded system offers an extraordinary immersive viewing experience in the digital Forbidden City. Viewers can witness the precious cultural heritage and the site’s glorious history.
And the unique visualization not only amazes viewers but also receives compliments from the management in the Forbidden City, making the new institute's studio the preferred environment to welcome distinguished guests in the Forbidden City.

Barco aspires to reproduce the history and protect cultural heritage in the Forbidden City with a future perspective. As a leading display solution provider, we will continue to give expert-level support to digital presentation at various cultural sites in the future.