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Pacific Palisades Residence

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Pacific Palisades Residence
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Planar Video Wall Heightens the Entertainment Ambiance of Southern California

In the residential community of Pacific Palisades, located in Westside Los Angeles, Calif., a new 11,607-square-foot custom home features exquisite architectural finishes and refined attention to detail, craftsmanship and design. Built in 2020, the 7-bedroom, 10-bathroom home includes a pool, spa, detached pool cabana, library, separate master suite office and temperature-controlled wine rooms. The residence also incorporates an abundant amount of technology highlighted by a nearly 16-foot-long, 9-foot-high Clarity® Matrix® G3 LCD Video Wall System (LX55HDX) in a 4x4 configuration from Planar.

The owner of the Pacific Palisades Residence said the video wall is primarily intended as a canvas for background ambiance and displaying works of digital art. “We designed the house so that the ground floor could be entirely dedicated to entertaining, and to that end, we felt the video wall would be an integral part to that theme,” he said.

Integrated by audio video designer and installer Future Automation & Design, the video wall is mounted in the home’s great room, right off the main kitchen on the bottom floor. “The finished piece is very artistic and takes up an entire wall of that space,” said Patrick Coleman, president of Future Automation & Design.
“The 4K picture quality of the video wall produces an amazing image and allows for some unique visual effects. We posed the idea of a video loop looking into an aquarium, which simulates a never-ending ocean view.”

During the design phase, the homeowner envisioned a large 85-inch TV for the great room, but after the home was framed, he realized that a screen of that size was far too small for that area. “I had previously seen a residential installation in the Bay Area and it occurred to me that a video wall would allow us to take advantage of the room’s size and provide for adequate viewing from the kitchen area,” he said.
According to the homeowner, the decision to select the Clarity Matrix G3 was driven by viewing quality as well as his preference for a commercial grade installation that could sustain being on for long periods of time.
“We are thrilled with the video wall and love the fact that we can show art in 4K quality or have a window to another part of the world,” said the homeowner. “It’s a beautiful installation and everything that we had expected.”