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LED Video Wall Demonstrates Visual Technology Integration with Workspace Designs at DeKalb Office’s Client Experience Center

Headquartered in the Atlanta, GA suburb of Alpharetta, DeKalb Office originally began in 1952 as an office furniture supplier. Fast forward to today and the company has emerged into a solution provider specializing in innovative workplace furniture and designs that foster creativity, collaboration and active participation. DeKalb Office serves a diverse client base that includes corporations, hospitals, medical centers, universities, governmental agencies and private businesses.

As part of its focus to integrate technology with space to create more engaging user experiences where people work, learn and heal, DeKalb Office has entered into a partnership with Cyviz, a global provider of advanced AV video wall technologies for workplace environments. DeKalb Office now provides Cyviz turnkey video wall solutions, which are standardized on Planar LED and LCD display technologies.

To showcase the strategic partnership, including how higher resolution technology can be designed with future spaces, a nearly 12-foot-long, 7-foot-high Planar® TVF Series LED video wall with a 1.8mm pixel pitch (TVF1.8) in a 6x6 configuration has been incorporated into DeKalb Office’s next generation workcafé at its Client Experience Center in Alpharetta.
A dynamic space that connects people with colleagues, their work and their organization, the workcafé transforms traditional corporate cafeteria real estate into destinations for connection, collaboration, focus and innovation.

“The new workcafé is an integrated design that represents the core concept of the DeKalb Office-Cyviz partnership,” said Peter Stewart, president of Cyviz North America. “Technology, furniture and space are optimized with the video wall serving as a multipurpose solution for digital signage, customer presentations, town hall meetings and other uses. Fine pitch LED provides the value of a seamless, high brightness and high color contrast solution that lends itself to a large open space.”

A tool for client engagement

At the Client Experience Center, visitors can observe firsthand how a workcafé can be designed within a space. However, as a poweful tool for client engagement, the Planar TVF Series LED video wall allows DeKalb Office to work with customers on exploring any number of workplace designs based on their needs.

“Our business is about helping clients envision the possibilities within their space and creating a plan for helping them both implement it and manage it after its been built,” said James Carlyle, vice president of strategic marketing with DeKalb Office.

“The LED video wall allows clients to picture what’s possible for their specific use cases whether it’s a workcafé, a boardroom or an innovation center.”

Planar LED video wall technology also offers DeKalb Office more flexibility for supporting the design thinking process, according to Carlyle.

“Initially, the impressiveness of the LED video wall grabs the customer’s attention, but then we can quickly transition to pulling up their actual designs, making real-time changes and creating photo realistic renderings,” he said. “We can also do photo realistic fly-throughs of a customer’s space—it’s a unique experience for a client to be able to see a workstation, a private office or an informal collaboration space in real scale. So while the LED video wall provides impressive high resolution digital signage, it’s also so many other things. It’s about how we collaborate together and how we can pull up different sources of information exactly when it’s needed.”