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Skanska ‘Spark’ Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland

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Skanska ‘Spark’ Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland
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Skanska is one of Europe’s leading contractors and a pioneer in green construction. When the company opened its new global headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, it wanted the flagship complex to be a true representation of Skanska’s vision and values – an expertly engineered, sustainably designed, ‘smart’ office ecosystem that would serve as an inspiration to its customers and create a perfect working environment for its employees.

The ‘Spark’ complex was designed to make daily work easier, more collaborative and more enjoyable for the hundreds of Skanska employees who are based in Warsaw, not to mention the thousands of clients and partners visiting from around the world. At the heart of the building’s smart design is an interconnected technological ecosystem that embraces the possibilities of Internet of Things connectivity and wireless communication – a system that is now available to clients as part of the company’s Connected by Skanska offer.

ClickShare was deployed to drive collaboration and engagement

Skanska partnered with Barco to establish a meeting room technology solution at Spark that would make sharing content as simple and effective as possible for both visitors and employees. Over 100 ClickShare units were deployed in the new headquarters – predominantly the CSE-800 model, which enables up to eight participants to share and interconnect at the click of a Button. These units were seamlessly linked to the building’s Logitech AV devices, enhancing the quality of the content shared.

“Thanks to the newest technologies and PropTech solutions such as Barco’s ClickShare, Spark supports wireless office and IoT trends and enables engaging and creative meetings for staff and visitors,” said Innovation Manager Anna Tryfon-Bojarska. “The whole office is geared towards boosting engagement, from the simplicity and ease-of-use of the technologies we use to the green walls, sound-absorbing green panels and hundreds of plants throughout the building.”

Pioneering emerging trends in office design

As the modern workforce evolves, companies are placing ever more importance on improving their workplace environment as a means of driving corporate culture. Skanska’s new building trials many of the ground-breaking solutions that the corporate office sector will increasingly see becoming commonplace in the months and years to come – many of which have employee engagement and communication at their heart and are now proven to have a marked impact on productivity.

“As workplaces introduce more IoT capabilities and interconnected tech components,” adds Tryfon-Bojarska, “Skanska’s Spark building will serve as an example for the future of how to create an ecosystem of compatible solutions. As more businesses turn to the diverse, connected solutions exemplified in our new headquarters, we expect to see a more widespread use of compatible AV technologies like ClickShare in the corporate space.”