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Planar LED Video Walls Underscore RTL Télé Letzebuerg New State-Of-The-Art TV Studios

RTL Télé Letzebuerg is Luxembourg's main television channel and is owned by RTL Group, Europe's leading entertainment network. In April 2017, following approximately three and a half years of construction, the media giant officially opened and moved into its new Luxembourg-based headquarters. Named RTL City, the impressive modern venue includes soundproof radio and sound studios as well as RTL Télé Letzbebuerg new state-of-the-art television news studios.

As part of the cutting-edge technical equipment included with the new TV studio complex, two Planar TVH Series fine pitch LED video walls with a 1.6 millimeter pixel pitch (TVH1.6) were integrated for use as a backdrop for several daily shows. Installed by visual display integrator SIGHT, based in The Netherlands, the new studio includes a large 12.8 x 1.8 meter that fills the great wall décor and a smaller 2.0 x 1.2 meter video wall that supports special news items.

Planar TVH Series LED video walls are a line of high-performance, fine pitch LED video wall displays that deliver industry-leading image quality and high reliability for a range of demanding indoor applications. Optimized for a 16:9 aspect ratio, the Planar TVH Series easily scales for existing Full HD content and sources, and is architected to support the highest pixel density.

The 1.6mm pixel pitch resolution of the Planar TVH Series displays was specifically chosen for the ability to prevent the well-known moiré effect in TV studios. "We tested several resolutions and the differences were very distinctive," said Andreas Fleuter, manager of special projects at Broadcast Center Europe (BCE), the technical integrator of the television news studios. "In addition to the very high resolution, a matte black mask makes images even more clearly visible," he said. The unique mask of the Planar TVH Series also resolves potential reflection issues that can be caused by studio lighting, providing a high contrast and accurate color reproduction and enabling for the deepest level of black.

The smaller 19" diagonal cabinet size of the Planar TVH Series displays allowed SIGHT to seamlessly install the LED video along two sharp curves in the studio, which are shown in broadcasts from different angles. A total resolution of 7680 x 1080 allows up to four Full HD images to be displayed simultaneously on the big video wall, and the high refresh rate on camera ensures stable content play-out. Even under 'low brightness' conditions, the grey values remain intact.

And while high resolution LED video walls are increasingly being used in European TV studios, a video wall of the size, resolution and design installed in RTL Télé Letzebuerg TV news studio is certainly unique to Europe.