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Indigo Sky Casino

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Indigo Sky Casino
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Indigo Sky is a new gaming destination located in northeast Oklahoma. Opened in September of 2012, the property is a standout in that it is the only casino in the area that uses large video walls to engage visitors and enhance their experience. Between three large video walls and 30 individual displays located throughout the casino, a guest is never far from gaming and entertainment on the industry's newest, brightest and sleekest video screens.

Casino management selected Planar displays for the property after comparing the technology to another global brand. "We chose Planar for the superior visual quality of the displays and because they are very easy to install and maintain," says Melanie Chase, Indigo Sky marketing director. "There are a number of other casinos in this area of the state, but none has invested in video wall technology. We did so because we knew this technology would really set us apart and give us competitive advantage in attracting and retaining a loyal base of customers."

Clarity Matrix and Planar PS-Series displays create the digital video solution

With the assistance of Blue Speed Audio Video – based in Tulsa, Oklahoma – Indigo Sky settled on a digital video strategy for the casino that is delivered on three of Planar's Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Walls – in 5x5, 2x2, and 2x5 configurations – and nearly three dozen individual 46" Planar® PS-Series™ LCD displays that are installed throughout the gaming area, bars, restaurants, lobby and other gathering points.

"On the large video walls, we can feature everything from live horse racing to professional and college football. We use the individual displays to offer similar programming as well as real-time results of poker and bingo games, raffles and other cash-prize contests. The beautiful digital communication highlights the casino action, which makes it exciting for everyone, and also brings the outside sports world right in," Chase adds.

Blue Speed co-founder Ryan Sullivan says, "The Clarity Matrix and Planar PS-Series displays are the only technologies we'd want to specify for the casino environment. They both were designed to run 24/7, and they install without the need for extra structure. As a result, we can get a casino up and running more quickly and at lower cost than we could with other brands, and we know these displays will perform flawlessly over a long period time."

Both displays are long-lasting, high-performing and cost-effective

Sullivan adds that the off-board electronics of the Clarity Matrix video walls contributes significantly to their long life. "With controllers, power supplies and other elements located away from the wall, they are protected from the smoke that is common in the casino environment, which means they'll last longer and the casino won't be burdened with unnecessary service calls to us to have these components cleaned or replaced."

Indigo Sky also gives Planar displays high marks for their brightness – 700 nits for Clarity Matrix and 500 nits for the Planar PS-Series. "Even among the bright lights of the casino floor, you can't miss these screens," said Shaun Belcher, network analyst at Indigo Sky. "That high level performance just adds to the experience we can deliver to our guests."

With respect to the three video walls, Belcher likes that they use the Planar EasyAxis™ Mounting System. Designed specifically for the Clarity Matrix line, EasyAxis facilitates quick and precise alignment of all panels in a wall, and makes it a simple matter to access any single panel if maintenance or service is ever necessary. "You simply lift one panel up and away to get at an adjacent panel, so there's no need to power the whole wall down to make a single-panel adjustment or repair," said Belcher. "That really contributes to high uptime, which is important when you rely on a video wall for messaging, marketing and a great user experience."

Planar continues to deliver quality support

Belcher and Sullivan both give Planar high marks for its post-sale support. They note that the company has trained technicians who are always available to answer questions or help in resolving problems. Also, they are pleased with Planar's product warranties (both Clarity Matrix and the Planar PS-Series are offered with three-year warranties). Such support, they say, is a real differentiator for Planar, and it gives the customer a great deal of confidence and satisfaction.