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Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Wall Establishes Company as a Champion of Innovative Technology

Zones, Inc. supports business, healthcare, the public sector and specialty markets with innovative technology solutions in networking, security, software, mobility, virtualization, data visualization and more. To affirm its embrace of the most innovative solutions, Zones has implemented in its corporate offices in Auburn, Washington what it believes is the gold standard in digital signage. Prominent in its main foyer is a Planar® Mosaic® Architectural Video Wall from Planar. Altogether different from conventional video walls, Planar Mosaic combines unique video display tile sizes with nearly unlimited configuration flexibility. It creates a platform that does much more to attract and hold viewers' attention and interest than static digital signage. It plays a key role in generating for Zones, growing customer interest for similar installations across the markets it serves. "When we've been in the offices of companies such as ours, rarely if ever have we seen digital display technology used to present a company to its clients and prospects," says Michael Stavnshoj, Monitor & Display Solution Category Manager for Zones. "In Planar Mosaic, we saw a unique technology that inherently would create dwell time for our visitors and lead them to ask how we could put this technology to work for them."

Unique choice of tile sizes and mounting flexibility

In choosing Planar Mosaic, Zones chose a solution designed to support creative expression and offer companies a dynamic way to deliver information. Its effectiveness stems from the different LCD video tiles it offers and the fact that they can be mounted in any position relative to each other, and individually, at almost any angle. Zones chose to use all three available video tile sizes: a 46- inch rectangle (Planar® PabloTM AD46), a 55-inch rectangle (Planar® VincentTM AD55) and the industry's first truly square 22" tile (Planar® SalvadorTM). The company installed two of each video tile, creating a geometric arrangement mounted at a 20-degree angle on the foyer wall. Further, it capitalized on the configurability of Planar Mosaic that allows video tiles to be mounted together, but with space between them for the purposes of added visual effect. "People are used to seeing video walls comprised of same-size displays all abutting each other," says Patrick Lium, Digital Signage and Pro AV Solutions Specialist for Zones. "Planar Mosaic surprises you in the different ways video tiles can be mounted. In our case it's even more surprising since the video tiles are all spaced two inches apart but the pieces comprising the whole picture are sized precisely to fit each individual video tile.

Planar Mosaic makes this possible with its Mosaic Project DesignerTM Software. It provides a transparent PNG mask file that content developers use to create content that matches the unique shape of each video tile in the Planar Mosaic video wall. Currently, Zones' content includes a rotating set of nature imagery as well as time-lapse video of well-known cityscapes, scalable to 4K resolution (3840x2160). "It builds affinity with the viewer when they see a familiar scene especially when it's presented on our uniquely-styled Planar Mosaic video wall," Lium adds.

Zones also was able to build its desired configuration as a result of the Mosaic MountTM, a feature that supports virtually any video tile rotation or pitch. The mount also offers push in/push out snap catches and auto-alignment posts that speed the process of installation and fine-tuning. "These features made it possible for us to get the video wall up and running in less than a day," Lium says. "With any other system, it would have taken much longer. And in the case of such an installation for one of our customers, a more protracted installation would have required the involvement of more of our technicians, resulting in higher costs for the customer."

Throughout Zones, Lium adds, "Planar Mosaic has earned high marks for its flexibility, ease of installation and exceptional visual performance." Planar had these attributes in mind with its attention to the key features of Planar Mosaic. These include bezel widths (5.7 to 5.9mm), brightness (450 to 700 nits), contrast ratio (3500:1 to 4000:1) and total mounted depth (93mm).

Planar delivers complete solution, industry-leading support

An added bonus, Lium says, was the quality and completeness of the Planar Mosaic solution. "Everything we needed to get the system installed and fully operational came in our shipment. But had there been a problem, such as a defective or non-functioning video tile, we know Planar would have been responsive to us and the problem would be resolved very quickly. This approach to customer service helps explain why we've had a relationship with them for more than 15 years.