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Clarity Matrix Take Center Stage at Cyviz as a New Standard in Collaborative Telepresence Solutions

Planar Systems' valued customers include companies that integrate Planar displays into targeted solutions, which they, in turn, provide to their customers. Among these companies is Cyviz AS, a manufacturer of collaborative telepresence (CTP) solutions that uses Planar's Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall System displays. To demonstrate the importance of the Planar technology to its applications, the company has showcased the Clarity Matrix MX55-L in its 7,000-square-foot Cyviz Technology Center (CTC) in Washington, D.C. Here and in other centers worldwide, Cyviz showcases its solutions to customers in government, defense, oil and gas, manufacturing, life sciences, telemedicine and other markets.

The Clarity Matrix MX55-L is included in two different spaces in the Washington, D.C. center. One typifies an environment for large-group collaboration, using a six-panel (three-wide-by-two-high) 3x2 video wall as part of a video conferencing, data-handling and data-visualization solution. The other is a small meeting room, providing the same type of collaboration capabilities in a two-wide-by-one-high (2x1) configuration.

A Multi-Function Display Platform

Cyviz began showing off the solutions with the Planar displays when it opened the newly renovated technology center in August 2011. Both rooms demonstrate how the

comprehensive, multi-function capabilities of the Clarity Matrix MX55-L are essential in today's collaborative work environments. In particular, the scenarios show how Planar's display technology can present almost every type of content available today, including multiple, simultaneous video conference feeds; data visualizations; video feeds from network broadcasts; CCTV and media player content; presentations; web sites and other online resources.

"Customers rely on our collaborative telepresence solutions to see, share and act on business and mission-critical information," says Mark Sincevich, Director, Federal, Cyviz. "The display systems we use have to be the very best. The Clarity Matrix MX55-L outperforms all other flat panel display products when customers require a smaller footprint, off-boarding of electronics and lower power consumption. The Clarity Matrix helps to ensure effective collaboration and a positive user experience, and continues the Cyviz principles of simplicity, scalability (adding screens as budgets allow) and COE (common operating environment)."

Meeting Customers' Critical Requirements

In addition, Cyviz selected the Clarity Matrix MX55-L because it topped all other systems that the CTP solutions provider tested in three essential areas under Cyviz's simplicity principle. "We insist on high-definition (HD) displays that are easy to deploy (operating right out of the box), easy to use, and easy to maintain," Sincevich says. " In all three areas, Clarity Matrix MX55-L is outstanding. Cyviz was also impressed by Clarity Matrix's technical specifications. Its high brightness (700 nits), resolution (1920x1080) and contrast (3000:1) make it ideal for video conferences or meetings in rooms with multiple windows or high ambient light. Further, the image-to-image gap between Clarity Matrix 55" panels is a mere 5.7mm. In tiled configurations, the image remains nearly seamless, and the content is clear and crisp -- even when viewing the screens from an extreme, 180-degree angle.

Space is another important factor when adding CTP applications, particularly in the government sector. Many government buildings were built long before telepresence was even a pipedream. Ceilings in many of these buildings are too low and the rooms are too small for front-projection systems. "Until we discovered the Clarity Matrix," Sincevich says, "we had to walk away from many of these government projects."

The Clarity Matrix offers a slim-profile design, with a total mounted depth of less than four inches. Each streamlined panel combines an interface board and mates to Planar's unique EasyAxis™ Mounting System. Other electronics can be installed and maintained remotely. This eliminates the need to recess displays. EasyAxis also makes it quick and easy to precisely align panels. Individual panels that need service can be removed without powering down or dismantling the entire video wall.

Unlike other displays on the market, the Clarity Matrix does not require cooling fans or other noisy electronics near the screens. These noises can drown out the voices of people taking part in the teleconference. Besides eliminating noise and weight, remote installation of the electronics keeps the heat that these components generate away from the LCD panels. As a result, the displays run cooler and can last longer than screens repeatedly exposed to excessive heat. Sincevich adds that Clarity Matrix's off-board design also supports Cyviz's installation philosophy: "Having all telepresence components controllable from remote rack rooms makes it much easier to monitor and control all elements in a solution, and to service or change out components."

Planar Defines Best-in-Class Partnership

Planar is an exemplary partner to Cyviz, Sincevich says: "We were impressed by the quality of their product and by the attention they provide to their customers. They made sure our Clarity Matrix displays arrived and worked as promised, and they have been on-hand at our events to assure everything goes smoothly. That's pretty phenomenal."