Case Study | Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Executive Center featuring Barco 3D immersive offering in South Korea | Tech Electronics
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Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Executive Center featuring Barco 3D immersive offering in South Korea

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Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Executive Center featuring Barco 3D immersive offering in South Korea
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Dassault Systemes, a 3DEXPERIENCE software company in more than 140 countries, specializes in the development of 3D design, 3D digital mock up and product lifecycle management (PLM) software. They’re able to provide a 3D vision of a products’ entire lifecycle, from conception to maintenance. As a world leader in business solutions centered on design, Dassault Systemes is launching a 3DEXPERIENCE Executive Center in South Korea this June. To accurately and impressively display the virtual universes they create for their customers, they’ve selected the Barco 3D experience with Barco RigiFlex, UDX-4K and Barco UniSee.

An industry front runner, Dassault Systemes transforms the way products are made, allowing the virtual world to foster positive real world impact with sustainable innovations. They’re industry leaders with computer aided design, leading the way in PLM and support a wide range of industries all over the world, from aerospace and defense to transportation and mobility. The company is continually striving to improve and expand its software and services, with partnerships and capabilities that far exceed most competition. Dassault Systems Korea’s new will have an 3DEXPERIENCE Executive Center that will help clients and customers better appreciate and understand the full breadth of potential that collaboration will offer.

 3DEXPERIENCE Executive Center to Impress

 One of the main purposes of this 3DEXPERIENCE Executive Center is to promote a Dassault VR/S/W with verification of design. To successfully achieve this, Barco proposed customizing a 3D solution to meet the needs in a limited work space.

 A 2x2 Barco UniSee tiled LCD video wall in the lobby provides the initial impression for everyone who enters. With NoGap technology, this powerhouse of a visual tool creates a strong visual impact with automatic real time calibration for perfect inter and intra-tile uniformity.

 A few meters further, a 4m x 2.25m Barco RigiFlex screen, the first of its kind to be installed in APAC, and UDX-4k22and UST Lens complete the VX room. This screen was specifically designed to be rolled up, making it easy to transport and time saving in installation. In such tight quarters, having a screen provide superb performance is optimal. Thanks to the Barco RigiFlex high tension surface, the screen won’t sag or vibrate. The install space and projection distance was reduced with a 0.3 UST lens. Combined with a UDX-4K using Ultra-Short throw optics to save space whilst offering laser-sharp 4K image, the Barco RigiFlex is a powerwall with superb image quality.

 Innovation Requires the Best Technology
“As a unique and cutting edge service provider that offers pioneering and creative software, we need equally competent and innovative companies to partner with for the ultimate positive result. No other company has a product like RigiFlex that is both reliable and groundbreaking. Combined with UDX-4K and UniSee, Dassault Systemes is now able to display our state-of-the-art work on platforms that serve to highlight our advanced capabilities.”

 “Dassault Systemes Korea is thrilled to have chosen the Barco RigiFlex in our 3DEXPERIENCE Executive Center as the vehicle to showcase the high-quality work and detail we create in our 3DEXPERIENCE Executive Center,” comments SungJoon CHO, GEO Marketing Leader, Korea Marketing Director.