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LED Video Wall Drives Brand Engagement at Infor Global Headquarters

Infor is a global enterprise software company that leverages data science to build complete industry suites in the cloud, focusing on business applications for organizations. Headquartered in New York City with 168 offices throughout 170 countries, Infor is the world's largest privately held technology provider, serving 68,000 organizations worldwide to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.
At the company's New York City corporate headquarters, Infor identified the need to update an old LCD video wall in the lobby area with the latest in LED display technology—replacing an outdated video wall with visibly obvious bezels with a seamless and more compelling video wall solution.

After considering different options, Infor selected a Planar TVF Series LED video wall with a 1.8mm pixel pitch (TVF1.8) in a 12-foot wide by 20-foot tall video wall array (6x18). Designed and installed by A-V Services, the Planar TVF Series features a creative stackable design that eliminates cabinet-to-cabinet cabling and the need for extra space around the video wall, minimizing the overall video wall footprint and enabling a profile of less than three inches. The Planar TVF Series also includes a 16:9 aspect ratio and outstanding image quality for Full HD and 4K resolutions.

Streamlined servicing

By choosing the Planar TVF Series, Infor reduces the future hassle associated with video wall maintenance. "To service the existing video wall, it was necessary to start from the top and begin removing monitors, working your way down to the display that needed to be reached," said Darvin Dicang, systems design engineer at A-V Services, which was responsible for servicing the previous installation. "The 55-inch LCD displays within the old video wall were heavy and undoubtedly required two people to handle them."

Making this even more difficult are the constraints of the site. Located directly in front of a staircase and stretching nearly 25-feet high between the third and fourth floors, the installation is situated in a very tight space.
"Accessing the video wall required us to build specialized scaffolding, which is labor intensive," said Scott MacAllister, Infor senior AV technician. "Our concern, as the video wall became outdated, was the increased likelihood of maintenance and monitor failures."

The site limitations also presented a challenge in terms of installing a new video wall. However, in choosing the Planar TVF Series, Infor found an ideal solution to both issues.

The Planar TVF Series displays feature front serviceability and, like building blocks, are easily stacked and assembled with a single-step process to connect embedded power and signal connectors from cabinet to cabinet. "At 27 inches, the cabinets are much smaller, lighter and easier to work with," said Andrew Musci, A-V Services director of business development. "It made the installation considerably less difficult."

A closely collaborated effort between Infor, A-V Services, JRM Construction—which designed the video wall subsurface and was instrumental in the video wall integration—and Planar ensured for an outstanding result, according to Musci.

Making a lasting impact

The completed Planar TVF Series video wall—in addition to creating a 'wow factor' at Infor's corporate headquarters—provides the company with a new tool to engage clients and prospective customers who regularly visit the office.

One strategy that Infor is employing to connect visitors to the brand involves utilizing the video wall to highlight real-world use cases of its software. "We have an in-house video team that travels around the world visiting customers and shooting 4K footage to capture the range of industries that we work with including how companies use our technology to improve business operations," MacAllister said. "We have lots of beautiful, vivid footage for creating really compelling content to display on the video wall."

Infor is also planning to develop a platform that will allow them to create tailored messages on the video wall for greeting visitors, enabling for more personalized connections.

"We are very impressed with the finalized installation," MacAllister said. "The display is bright enough to be easily viewed in an area that gets direct sunlight, and the low-profile design allows the video wall to better integrate with the space. Our CEO is thrilled. He's always wanted a seamless solution to show video across the entire video wall. We never did it before because it just didn't look good. It wasn't compelling, and it didn't have a wow factor. But it certainly does now."