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Awal Bros Hospital introduces Barco medical displays

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Awal Bros Hospital introduces Barco medical displays
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The Awal Bros Hospital in Tangerang, Indonesia has always put patient health first. In order to support government healthcare insurance, they recently moved from film-based images to introduce PACS: The Picture Archiving and Communication System. The digital format used by PACS also necessitated the introduction of a suitable digital medical display. The Awal Bros Hospital was aware of substantial acclaim throughout the Radiology world for Barco medical and diagnostic displays. They acted on this by installing Barco Nio Color 3MP Medical Diagnosis Display.

When it became clear that they would need to introduce PACS and work with digital images, the Awal Bros Hospital in Tangerang, Indonesia, began investigating diagnostic grade medical displays. They heard nothing but praise for Barco displays from other hospitals in Indonesia. Acting upon these recommendations, they installed a Barco Nio Color 3MP. The color, contrast and features have resulted in a significant increase in efficiency.

The subtlest details displayed in absolute clarity

The update to PACS meant that the film and lightbox units that the Awal Bros Hospital had relied on would be redundant and that a new, digital medical grade diagnostic display would need to be installed. Having heard about Barco from other hospitals in Indonesia, Awal Bros Hospital was confident about buying and using Barco technology themselves. After consulting with local Indonesia Barco partner, PT Eye 2 Eye Indonesia, to make sure they were choosing the best medical grade monitor for diagnosing their own patients, the Radiology department installed a Barco Nio Color 3MP Medical Display. Radiologist at the Awal Bros Hospital, Dr. William, was particularly impressed by the contrast and color that the display presented in the images. And understandably so; with its exceptional brightness and stability sensors, the Barco Nio delivers the very best 3MP color image quality on the market, allowing even the subtlest details to be displayed in absolute clarity.

Integrated features

The integrated smart features also served in facilitating diagnosis. For example, DimView™ automatically dims auxiliary displays to eliminate light interference, while SpotView™ increases the luminance in a particular area of interest, making details stand out with ultimate clarity for more accurate diagnosis. As a result, diagnosis is considerably faster, easier and more efficient than ever before, whether Dr. William is examining CT, MRI or CR images. “There’s no more running from room to room and screen to screen with different films or different types of images,” says Dr. William. “Instead, I see everything, on one display, in incredible detail.”

A happy customer

“We put our trust in Barco medical diagnostic grade displays,” says Dr. William. “They are world class medical displays that I’ll recommend to every radiologist in the world.” It is clear that Dr. William actually did make this recommendation; the Awal Bros Hospital Group is now planning to introduce Barco Nio Color 3MP Medical Displays in another eleven Awal Bros Hospitals across South-East Asia. Barco is extremely satisfied to have met their needs and looks forward to a long partnership with the Awal Bros Hospital Group.