Case Study | Barco projectors craft stunning projection mapping at Indonesia’s 2016 PON Games | Tech Electronics
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Barco projectors craft stunning projection mapping at Indonesia’s 2016 PON Games

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 Barco projectors craft stunning projection mapping at Indonesia’s 2016 PON Games
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         As a prestigious local version of the international Olympic Games, Indonesia’s Pekan Olahraga Nasional Games feature competitions in 44 different sports and take place every four years in a different Indonesian city. In 2016, the PON Games were hosted by Indonesia’s 3rd-largest metropolis, Bandung City, also known as ‘the City of Flowers’ and ‘the Paris of Java’. To make the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2016 Games truly unforgettable: a projection mapping show courtesy of 32 Barco projectors and 3 processors, synchronized by 2 state-of-the-art Medialon show control platforms. The result? The most visually amazing PON Games ceremonies in history.

“The most wonderful effect ever achieved”

To create the visually-stunning experience achieved at the PON Games’ grand opening, held on 17 September, and closing ceremony, held on 29 September, the images produced by an array of 32 Barco projectors were mapped onto a brand-new surface. 12 HDF-W30 FLEX units, 14 HDF-W26 units, 4 HDQ-2K40 units and 2 XLM-HD30 units were controlled by Medialon show control systems to generate a piece of visual art-in-motion that viewers described as “impressive” and “the most wonderful effect ever achieved at the PON Games”.

Perfect results in unpredictable conditions

Even though the show looked effortless and went off without a hitch, Barco Indonesian rental partner PT SIMA AGUSTUS had to be creative with the setup, as the projection mapping took place in high wind conditions, with projectors placed in hard-to-access locations. Illustrating the ease-of-use for which Barco solutions are famous, even though technical information covering projector setup was not provided, PT SIMA installed the solution onto the roof of the stadium with flying colors – literally! Medialon show control platforms played a crucial role in the complex production, with PT SIMA engaging with local partner PT Digital Media as supplier.
Highlights: Barco solution

  • HDF-W30 FLEX x 12 units
  • HDF-W26 x 14 units
  • HDQ-2K40 x 4 units 
  • XLM-HD30 x 2 units
  • Medialon show control system x 2 units

Why Barco?

  • Great capacity of the Medialon
  • Wonderful effect capacity of Barco projectors
  • Impressive images from Barco projectors 
  • Stability of Barco projectors