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Dynamic and Eye-Catching Digital Menus Help Supermarket Improve Communication with Customers

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Dynamic and Eye-Catching Digital Menus Help Supermarket Improve Communication with Customers
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When Tamura Supermarket needed to upgrade its menu boards to improve communication with its customers, the business purchased eye-catching Sharp displays with menu board software that allowed them to quickly update and edit menu items from any location. 

Business Environment Challenges

Locally owned, family-run Tamura Supermarket has served customers in the Waianae, HI area for more than 70 years. To keep up with trends and its expanding customer base, the supermarket recently completed renovations which included an expansion of its deli, fish and produce departments as well as the addition of a pharmacy. To keep its customers better informed, Tamura needed a flexible way to communicate up-to-the-minute menu items and daily promotions that could be controlled from anywhere in the store without an Internet connection or a computer. Additionally, a portion of the menu board is dedicated to sponsored advertising directly controlled by the menu board’s sponsor. 

Business Technology Solutions

Tamura Supermarket, and its menu sponsor, contacted ElectroVue LLC about its ElectroMenu® Embedded Menu Board Technology, which provides user-friendly digital menu content that customers can control from any location without a computer or internet connection. The technology turns content into smart files that can be easily edited without disrupting other content on the screen.

Dynamic and Eye-Catching Digital Menus Help Supermarket Improve Communication with Customers The ElectroMenu technology was installed on seven Sharp 47" Class (47.1" diagonal) LED professional displays throughout the store—six were placed within a 20 foot array behind the deli and bakery counter and one by the fish counter. 

Innovative Results

With basic training, the store manager can make changes to digital menus within minutes by simply using a wireless keyboard and a mouse. Changes that need to be made remotely can also be done instantly through a PC and a wireless connection. The ElectroMenu technology provides a simple, turnkey solution that allows the store manager to make changes to the digital menu boards quickly. This allows for adjustments based on market trends without changing the sponsored advertising content. The Sharp displays are eye-catching and crisp, even in the brightly lit store and provide the supermarket with a simple, reliable solution.

“Sharp displays have been proven in the market for years,” says Mark Evans, CEO of ElectroVue. “The quality, contrast ratios, reliability, service and especially the image of the Sharp displays, as far as we are concerned, are the best in the market.” The supermarket is excited about the technology because customers are purchasing the items featured on the digital menu boards. Coupled with the ease of use brought by the ElectroMenu technology, the reaction from Tamura Supermarket has been very positive.

Stated best by Myron Nakagawa, one of Tamura Supermarket’s store managers: “These menus are beautiful and simple to use. I definitely can do this.”