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Barco - Science City - A breathtaking 360-degree view on human evolution

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Barco - Science City - A breathtaking 360-degree view on human evolution
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With over 1.5 million visitors each year, Science City is one of the most popular attractions in the Indian metropolis of Kolkata. And it’s not hard to see why: dedicated to bringing science to the general public, the center spares no effort to amaze its audience. One shining example is the Science Exploration Hall, where eight Barco projectors create a mesmerizing 360-degree view on the evolution of mankind.

To succeed in this, Science City always tries to present subject matter in the most attractive manner. Technology plays a major role in this. In the past, the center was the fi rst in the country to introduce a large-format theater. Today, it explores the possibilities of digital projection with a stunning 360-degree visual on human evolution. “Throughout the years, our visitors have come to expect a truly unique experience”, says NCSM director A. D. Choudhury. “Our challenge is to continue meeting these expectations.” 

Technology and expertise

The exhibition – displayed in a purpose-built cylindrical hall – presents a digital panorama on the evolution of mankind. After issuing a global tender, the NCSM decided to rely on Barco technology for the project. Choudhury: “Based on their ability to meet our technical specifi cations and stay within budget constraints, we decided to partner with local technology consulting and development company VizExperts. Their team of highly-trained professionals proposed a turnkey solution featuring Barco’s HDX-W20 FLEX projectors. Barco’s reputation as a digital cinema leader and their experience with similar projects worldwide played a big role in our decision.”

About this project


Date 14 April 2016 Location Kolkata, India Press release

13 April 2016

Barco helps Kolkata Science City deliver a truly immersive panoramic presentation on human evolution


Partner VizExperts