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North Carolina State University James B. Hunt, Jr. Library

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North Carolina State University  James B. Hunt, Jr. Library
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James Hunt Library Installs First-of-Its-Kind Audio System with Dynamic Audia®/Nexia® Duo

Opening its doors in January 2013, the James B. Hunt, Jr. Library is North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) second main library, and is the intellectual and social hub of Centennial Campus. It is the primary library for faculty and students in engineering, textiles, and other science programs. Its inspiring learning spaces and state-of-the-art technologies make it a destination for students, faculty, and academic and professional partners from all disciplines.

The library houses a 400-seat auditorium, visualization labs used by both students and the U.S. Navy, 100 project/study rooms for students, gaming labs, a video production stage, reception and event spaces, a balcony overlooking a nearby lake, and a corporate wing that supports the corporations of the NCSU Centennial Campus. The automated book delivery system accommodates a two million-volume collection and significantly reduces the space needed for stacks.


When asked what they wanted in the new library, the faculty and students were clear on their desire for a 24/7, high tech facility to match the high tech campus. They wanted to be able to push the limits of what was technologically possible all day, everyday.

The primary challenge of this installation was accommodating the variety of audio spaces–from silence to surround sound–NCSU was trying to create, in addition to the single activity experiences that took place throughout the daily lifecycle of the building.

The audio solution also had to stand the test of time. The right audio technology would remain relevant throughout the building phase, and into the foreseeable future. With no model to follow for this highly flexible, cutting edge technological facility, NCSU had to partner with the right companies to bring their vision to life.


Designed by the Sextant Group and implemented by AVI-SPL, the audio system for the Hunt Library included comprehensive audio/visual, acoustic, and IT design components. Brought into the project at the perfect time, the Sextant Group was able to design an audio system that met all the needs of the NCSU campus. Mark Valenti, President of the Sextant Group and Principal-in-Charge of the installation, decided the Audia and Nexia platforms were the right choice for the level of flexibility and control required of the DSP.


The multimedia integration of this five-story library was made possible by cutting edge design and build expertise, a visionary audio/video design team, and the generous support of the North Carolina legislature. It was clear from the beginning that the Hunt Library needed an audio system that was just as innovative and robust as the building itself. By choosing Biamp’s Audia and Nexia DSP platforms as the best solution to solve the complex challenges of the Library, the NCSU faculty and students have the library they’ve always wanted.

"If we could boil it down to one key thing that made us go with Biamp it was a price-performance ratio. As the technology leader in this arena, we knew we’d be able to do something really, really cool, cost-effectively, and with the right platform with Biamp. " - MARK VALENTI, THE SEXTANT GROUP