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Crestron Electronics, Inc. - PRO4
Crestron Electronics, Inc. - PRO4 Crestron Electronics, Inc. - PRO4 Crestron Electronics, Inc. - PRO4 Crestron Electronics, Inc. - PRO4
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4-Series™ Control System

Series: 4-Series

Model: PRO4

Part #: 6510422

  • 4-Series control system with 2 GB SDRAM and 8 GB flash memory
  • Embedded 4-Series™ multicore CPU processor
  • iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ device control app support
  • XPanel computer and web-based control
  • Modular programming architecture
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Product Info
Tech Specs

The PRO4 is a secure, high?performance control processor with a powerful 4-Series control engine and an enhanced feature set, including a front panel color LCD display, built-in control card expansion slots, and dedicated control subnet ports. The PRO4 is designed to integrate and automate technology within any modern networked home, commercial building, or government facility. The isolated control subnet port provides a Gigabit Ethernet LAN dedicated to Crestron devices.

4-Series Control Engine
4-Series control systems come equipped with an upgraded multicore CPU, delivering a sizable speed and performance increase compared to all Crestron 3?Series® control processors. The improved performance allows 4-Series control systems to handle the increasing demands of an advanced automated system. Crestron 4-Series delivers a dynamic and secure control system platform capable of managing a room full of disparate technologies.

Reliable networking and IP control afford seamless integration with other systems and devices, with add-on control capability using Crestron touch screens, wireless remotes, and mobile device apps, as well as remote management through Crestron Fusion® software and the XiO Cloud® service.

Modular Programming Architecture
The PRO4 provides a modular programming architecture that allows it to run up to ten programs simultaneously. Programmers can develop and run independent, device?specific programs, enabling each program to be optimized for a specific function and allowing for changes to be made to one program without affecting the whole system.

Dedicated Control Subnet
The Crestron Control Subnet is a Gigabit Ethernet network dedicated to Crestron devices. Via the Control Subnet ports, an installer can connect up to four touch screens or wireless gateways or can add Crestron PoE switches (CEN?SW?POE?5 or CEN?SWPOE?16, both sold separately) to handle multiple touch screens, gateways, AV components, and other devices. Each port also supports PoE+ using the optional 

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